Patrick Renn

helps both charity and donor improve their financial situation by aligning their interests.

Patrick believes that what ultimately motivates us is to leave our “lifeprint” on the people, causes, or institutions we care about. His charitable giving strategies give donors the confidence of clarity so that their money can achieve its greatest purpose for the world, their benefactors, and their legacy.

How do we shape our legacy?

Start by answering one simple question: why?

Do I have enough?

Identifying your needs, wants, and goals produces clarity about your personal situation that gives you the confidence to act. People who know they can do more, want to do more.

Will I still have enough?

Charitable giving can leverage your money so that you can actually provide more, not less, for yourself and your loved ones. Giving is not a zero-sum game.

Who Merits My money

Think of your own story. Consider the causes and institutions that molded you and shaped your life. This is how we determine your what and begin to make your legacy count.

Connecting Donors To Charities

Patrick Renn’s inventive planned giving philosophy builds a lasting legacy for his clients and secures long-term funding for charities and non-profits.

Make Your Legacy Count

What will your ultimate legacy look like?

In his book, Finding Your Money’s Greater Purpose, Patrick Renn provides a roadmap for the Involuntary Philanthropist in all of us to cultivate an attitude of gratitude, live with a mentality of abundance, Find Your Why, and shape a legacy through time-tested charitable giving strategies.

About The Book

Author. Speaker. Giving Strategist.

Patrick Renn is a Certified Financial Planner with 40 years of experience in the financial services industry and the founder and owner of Renn Wealth Management.

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