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Patrick Renn has a passion for helping people achieve their financial goals and giving back to his community.

Available for speaking engagements and consulting on all things financial, Patrick’s expertise covers a range of topics including financial planning, charitable giving strategies, legacy planning, and more. Patrick Renn brings nearly 40 years of financial experience to events like Lunch and Learns, book signings, and conference workshops.

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Finding Your Money’s Greater Purpose

Patrick believes that what ultimately motivates us is to leave our “lifeprint” on the people, causes, or institutions we care about. His charitable giving strategies give donors the confidence and clarity so that their money can achieve its greatest purpose for the world, their benefactors, and their legacy.

The Great Wealth Transfer

Estate planning is a too often overlooked aspect of financial management. In this workshop, Patrick helps his audience shed their apprehensions about estate planning. Starting with a basic overview of estate planning, Patrick discusses in detail why it’s an essential part of your long-term financial future, asks you to confront the reasons why we avoid the topic, explores the risks of not having an estate plan in place, and offers some strategies to consider when building your estate plan.


The Importance of a Legacy Society

Informed by years of professional experience and inspired by a passion for giving, Patrick has found that the most impactful way charities and nonprofits can secure long-term funding and build an endowment that can secure their future is through the establishment of a Legacy Society. These funds encourage philanthropically-inclined benefactors to make planned gifts. This is – almost universally – how nonprofits and charities obtain their most significant assets, and Patrick Renn can share his personal experiences in establishing these funds, best practices, and how to reach influential donors.

Connecting Organizations to Donors

Patrick Renn has spent a career working with both sides of the philanthropy equation. He knows what kind of principles organizations need to exhibit to reach the most powerful donors, and he knows how to encourage and direct well-motivated benefactors to the causes that are important to them. Bridging the gap between charities and donors, Patrick shares with your organization what donors are looking for, what you can do to attract them, and – most importantly – how you can maintain the relationships in perpetuity.


“Pat has been a longtime supporter of Special Olympics Georgia. His many contributions include valuable guidance to help establish and grow the organization’s investment account, countless volunteer hours at various events, and spreading awareness and information about the incredible athletes that we serve. We appreciate Pat’s commitment to the 26,702 children and adults with intellectual disabilities registered in the program and know that he is a true fan of all of the athletes.”

Georgia Milton-Sheats,
CEO of Special Olympics Georgia

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