Is your institution attracting the right donors?

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Many charities serve highly worthwhile causes with relatively modest financial resources.

Answer the questions below to find out if your institution is attracting the right donors to support your future, or if there is more you could be doing. It only takes a few moments; and, along with your results, you’ll receive a few tips for how to attract long-term and legacy donors to your charitable organization based on my new book, Finding Your Money’s Greater Purpose: How to Make Your Legacy Count.


Major, venerable institutions such as Harvard are going to be just fine because their value to posterity is widely recognized and they have a built-in procession of successful, long-term donors. By contrast, many smaller, regional nonprofit organizations across the country that are striving to make a difference in the world are tenuously supported by small, short-term donations. While these gifts temporarily keep them afloat, larger, long-term planned gifts would offer the financial stability needed to effectively serve their communities into the future.

As the leader of one such organization, how do you secure this type of long-term funding? How do you build an endowment to ensure your charitable organization will still be here generations from now? You do it by attracting the people who can contribute substantially to your mission on an ongoing basis, and by making smart choices with the contributions you receive.