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What will your ultimate legacy look like?
How can your money take care of yourself, your family, and the causes and institutions you care about?

There’s a natural desire in all of us to leave our mark on this world and declare, “I was here, I made a difference.” Because the fact is, while our family and loved ones will always take priority, we do not live in isolation with them. We care deeply about how society views us and our impact upon the greater good. Everyone wants to do more. We just lack the clarity and confidence to act.

As a financial advisor knowledgeable in planned giving, Patrick Renn CFP® has written Finding Your Money’s Greater Purpose as a guidebook to answering these questions and making your legacy count. Through this book, you will discover how to plan wisely, gain the clarity and confidence to act, understand the truth about charity, learn how you can get more by giving back, and appreciate the immense impact you can make through planned charitable giving.

With the right giving plan, you can advance the causes of not just one, but several of your most treasured charities and nonprofits, shield your money from sales and capital gains taxes, establish an income that you cannot outlive, and even augment the nest egg you leave to your children and grandchildren. Finding Your Money’s Greater Purpose also provides insight into successful retirement planning strategies, managing taxes tactfully, demystifying estate planning, and how to plan inheritances among family members.

Patrick Renn has dedicated his career to helping others give back after seeing the good he helped some of his early clients achieve. Patrick’s philosophy rejects the idea that giving is a zero-sum game; that there are winners and losers. He is dedicated to helping his clients break that core misconception, matching impactful donors with the perfect charity or nonprofit, and establishing long lasting, win-win relationships.

Praise For The Book

“Leave a legacy? Me?’ If you have not addressed these questions—or even if you think you have—you need to read Pat Renn’s book. It is an easy read that addresses the whys and hows to make sure you maximize the assets you accumulate over your lifetime. Today is the right time!”

Dr. David Apple Jr.,
medical director emeritus of the Shepherd Center

“Every person has been put on Earth for a purpose greater than themselves, which means that your wealth is greater than your money. Pat Renn has done a terrific job in his latest book of finding the greater purpose of your money. Take time to read it. Better yet, take time to act on it.”

Scott Keffer,
Best-selling author, coach, and the creator of The Donor Motivation Program

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How do we shape our legacy?

Start by answering one simple question: why?