Recent events have many development professionals scratching their heads with regard to asking for needed funds. With all the media attention being given to the reduced economic activity and diminished wealth, not to mention an unprecedented  health crises, it’s no wonder that some actual fear may be currently stalling charitable planning. In my experience, it is times such as these that charities and donors need each other the most. Charities may be experiencing increased needs on the part of the communities that they serve and donors may be experiencing a heightened awareness of the need to support their causes.  Both may well welcome a solution. One area that may be a significant source of funding currently is the Donor Advised Funds that many donors have set up in the past. These funds have typically grown in value, along with a robust stock market, over the last decade and many have been slow to actually make significant gifts. A gift from a Donor Advised Fund also has the advantage for the donor of preserving current personal assets during this time of uncertainty. I believe the time is right to look to this significant source of charitable gift planning.