Known somewhat erroneously as the Chamberlain Curse, this expression seems to be part of our collective current experience. These are interesting times indeed. I sense that current events have resulted a feeling of a loss of control on many fronts. The current pandemic and the contentious political climate have many of us anxious regarding our society and our own personal situation. I’m not sure this feeling is really anything new, though. It just seems more intense lately. I would offer at least a partial solution in seeking concrete solutions to the many problems we see. As Richard Cornuelle stated in his book, Reclaiming the American Dream, “The impulse to serve is an overriding human instinct comparable to the desire for profit or power.”  I recently met with a friend of mine who was asked to retire before he had planned to. He’s okay financially, but his impact on the world has been lessened. He asked me to help him find a way to give back. It seems to me that this very natural impulse will go a long way in helping him find a way through the current situation as it is played out.